Convert genomics and proteomics data into knowledge!

Sciomix is a bioinformatics consultancy and contracting company that has extensive expertise in analyzing and fully interpreting large biological data sets. We are available to meet the needs of researchers in handling genomic, transcriptomic and proteomics data and provide biological context to your data. We:

  • Perform analysis on microarray, RNA-seq, genomics, metagenomics, phylogenetics, mass-spectrometry, network data.
  • Supervise or train graduate student, post-doc in bioinformatic research.
  • Provide consultation on capture, analysis and long-term storage of high-throughput experimental data
  • Integrate and extract biological knowledge from large datasets
  • Provide custom services including software, database and Web site development
  • Support for releasing your data in standards-compliant formats to public data repositories
  • Collaborate in writing manuscripts and grant applications (e.g., study design for optimum data analysis, letter of support)